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Product Research and Findings

Studies Reveal that Most CBD Products
do NOT contain what they claim ...

In a study by the CDC and NIH, nearly 75% of CBD products had far less CBD than the label claimed. Shockingly, over 25% had No CBD At All!


That study was back in 2017 - but new studies show it's not much better today. Just in the last year reports by Johns Hopkins, JAMA and Forbes revealed the following:

 - As much as 66% of CBD products do NOT contain the amount of CBD claimed.

- A lack of quality control is also showing many products contain lead, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals ... sometimes in significant concentrations.

At PurVantage, we do lab tests throughout our process to assure that each product contains the amount of CBD shown - and then one milligram more to make sure you get all you hope for.

Further, we source only the best, purest CBD extracts and ingredients. With our PurVantage Bio-Pure processes, you get everything you're looking for.

From a study by Endo-C Labs


CBD Results

And here's just one study on the benefits of CBD. There are many more, but this one is notable:

In a study conducted by Endo-C Labs from 2018-2020, people took CBD for pain, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, nausea, nervous conditions (e.g., the "shakes"), and just general "bad days" (e.g., feeling "blah").

The results were much more detailed, but this chart from Endo-C Labs summarizes that over a 4-month period people had less pain (blue) ... less sleeplesness (green, meaning more sound sleep) ... reduced depression and/or anxiety (yellow) ... and fewer "blah" days (red, meaning more activity due to "better" days).

Interestingly, the results were not just a quick, one-time fix. But with continued use, people felt progressively better overall, continued to have less and less pain, and got better and better nights' sleep.

The pain people in the study included joint pain, general aches, and chronic pain of any sort. Anxiety was sometimes constant, and in other people situational. The range of conditions varied, but the results were consistently that of steady, ongoing improvement.

One "senior" woman who used to be concert pianist had developed nervous shakes in her wrists and hands to the point that she could no longer play. Endo-C had a video showing her unable to play due to shaking hands ... then she took Endo-C's CBD and within 5-10 minutes she was able to play complex pieces from her concert days.

Other specific issues were reported as well. People with MS had improved muscle control. Migraines were reduced or abated. Panic attacks were moderated or eliminated. Nausea from chemo-therapy was relieved. And so on.

Endo-C reported that CBD worked more dramatically for some people than for others. It is, frankly, not a panacea. But for many people, the Endo-C study demonstrated that a quality CBD product could bring a greatly improved quality of life.

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