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The PurVantage
Affiliate Program

Earn 15%. Even when you're doing - well - something else. Check it out:


When You Promote these PurVantage Products, You Will ...

And, BTW, we will continually introduce new, powerful, and effective products that you can announce to your followers.

... Earn up to 15% on every sale. Your followers sent to our site are yours forever as follows:

Sales Area:

PurVantage products are only available for sale and fulfillment within the 50 United States. All affiliates must promote PurVantage only within the USA.


We will set an affiliate tracking cookie on the computers of your followers who click to our site via your affiliate link. This tracking cookie will be good for 365 days. All orders placed with that cookie present will be credited to you - even when a person checks out as a "guest" (without creating a PurVantage account).

BTW: You'll receive commissions on your own purchases as well, so long as you use your affiliate link for your first purchase. So it's like an automatic discount.

(Note: If any customers clear their cookies or use a different computer, your referral will not be able to be properly recorded - which is a good reason to resend your PurVantage endorsement and link to your followers on a regular basis.)

Urge Followers to Create an Account

Of course, when your followers create a PurVantage account (rather than check out as a guest) and use that account for all subsequent orders - even if they clear cookies or use another computer - you will be credited in perpetuity for that customer as long as you maintain an active affiliate account.

You Can Offer Followers a $10 Discount on Their First Order

We've created a permanent coupon you can promote in your announcements to followers. Several ads of typicals sizes are available in your affiliate materials for use in your social media, blogs, emails, etc. The $10 Off code is shown in 2 of those ads. It only works on one purchase by your followers (even if it's not their first), so you can promote and re-promote this offer as coming from you. Other offers and coupons will be available from time to time.


We require that you maintain a Venmo or PayPal account in order to receive payments. Payments to you are sent every time your account reaches $250 in credit to be paid to you ... or at the end of each month if there is at least $20 to disburse. If you go inactive as an affiliate, we will send you the balance of your commissions.

Commission Exceptions for Special Promotions

For most discount offers that we email to your followers, you will typically still receive your full commission. However, on some very deep discounts, we may elect to reduce the commission on those temporary offers, only because the discounts are so deep that we cannot offer the discount and full commission as well. We anticipate that these events will be rare, but they may happen. Our intent is to be as generous to our affiliates as possible.

In addition, some of your followers may lapse and fail to order over a period of time. In selected cases we may send special, deeply-discounted offers to encourage them to re-activate and place an order. We typically rely on affiliates to continue with ongoing endorsements to followers to maintain their purchase activity. But when customers lapse and we send targeted offers, we may not be able to pay a commission on that re-activation effort. However, once a customer returns to regular purchase activity, you will receive full commissions. In short, this may sometimes be a joint effort to keep customers returning. First and foremost, we wish to pay our affiliate sponsors as much as we possibly can.

How to Maintain an Active Affiliate Account:

Any affiliate account that has brought in at least one new customer in the previous three months will be considered active. Simply having residual customers who continue to order isn't considered active, unless new customers are continually referred.

Along with our current products, we will introduce new products or product information on a regular basis, allowing you to make meaningful announcements to your followers.

A "new customer: is defined as either a new anonymous order (a "guest" checkout from your affiliate link, but without creating an account) that we can't easily correlate to any previous customer in your affiliate account (regardless of when the affiliate cookie was placed) ... or a new customer account from your link created with a new order. If a follower creates an account but doesn't order, but then places a first order later, they will be treated as a new customer at the time of the actual order. A site visitor who creates a customer account but does not order will not yet be considered a new customer until they order.

Sign Up as an Affiliate Today

When you create a PurVantage affiliate account, you (A) receive commissions on your own purchases, (B) receive commissions from your followers who order, and (C) can check on your commission status at any time with your personal affiliate account access. CLICK HERE to sign up as a PurVantage affiliate.


As we continue to create new products and pricing, these affiliate guidelines and conditions may need to be revised from time to time. We will notify you if they do, but you should check here periodically. These guidelines were most recently updated on 03/23/23.


For directories of this and other affiliate opportunities, go to:

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